old made new | rescued photos from the vault

A week or so ago, my friend Jo Lien posted a rescued photo from her archives on her FB page. I've always lovedlovedloved doing this, so seeing her photo inspired me do dig through my own vault again to see what I could dig up! Some of these photos were just plain looked over. I probably didn't give them my full attention (I was distracted while watching TV as I culled most likely! lol). It's so interesting to see what I considered on the much older photos, unusable. (The oldest one I took THREE ago come Aug 11th!) While I was learning how to shoot in manual mode only the technically perfect would do. Underexposed with grain? No way! Slightly out-of-focus? Getouttahere! Finger/toe/head/ chopping? Inconsiderable! But that's good! That's okay. You need to know the rules before you break them, they say.

The way I shoot now, I do consider those things but they're secondary to the moment I want to capture. And to think that these forgotten new loves were sitting untouched, just a click of the down-arrow passing over them for a fraction of a second, totally rejected.

Here are the rescued new treasures.

20120116_0009 copy20120630_0942 copy20131003_6793-Recovered copy20130913_6316-Recovered copy20130612_1240 copy20131202_9523-Recovered copy20131202_9529-Recovered copy20140523_2497-Recovered copy20140523_2509-Recovered copy20140524_2442-Recovered copy20120204_0081 copy050111_0316 copy20120603_0008 copy20120628_0991 copy20120722_2645 copy20140523_2505-Recovered copy20110911_0029-Recovered copy20120723_2715 copy20111015_0027-Recovered copy20130905_6107_3000 copyCMB_5424 copy20140103_2001-Recovered copy20120825_3603 copy20130612_1312 copy