Hello Baby Sawyer!
20140129_2492 copy

Last week I got the chance to meet and photograph Baby Sawyer, barely two days fresh, for my friend and fellow photographer Melissa Chamberlain. She and her husband were kind enough to let me in and sneak a peek to document their time together in the hospital! Sawyer couldn't be luckier with those two. <3 20140129_2228 copy 20140129_2234 copy20140129_2241 copy 20140129_2260 copy 20140129_2299 copy 20140129_2313 copy20140129_2267 copy 20140129_2321 copy 20140129_2350 copy 20140129_2428 copy 20140129_2394 copy 20140129_2452 copy 20140129_2422 copy20140129_2480 copy20140129_2527 copy 20140129_2545 copy 20140129_2564 copy