Soo... unfortunately, Ben needed a "fix-it" haircut tonight. Again. See, my mom used to cut hair for almost 25 years. And she was fantastic! ...Back then. lol! Don't get me wrong, she knows what she's doing... but it's been a while since she's done it. And I'm pretty sure it's been an even LONGER time since she cut a crying/squirming toddler boy's hair. With wonky curls to boot! Adorable wonky curls though if you ask me.  I'd say this is the 3rd fix-it session and this one turned out fantastic! Yes, he screamed, cried, ran, but in the end he did himself in when I gave him the iphone and let him watch LeapFrog videos. YES!!

The "Befores" ...eeeeeek

Here he looks like the long lost member of the 90's group The Jets. He has a jammin' dew!This is also before the crying starts. He really has no idea what's coming... he's thinking "Ooh! sitting on the toit-ey with a towel on. Weird. But okay!"The "Afters"...Yay...gotta love the home cut! It pays to learn all you know from your mom! :D

Notice the cry streaks? This is after it's all over and I had to place him back on the the toit-ey and reassure him there was NO MORE CUTTING...PROMISE!!! You should have seen me. It was magic! Who knew my little guy was so modest! lolYou know every time his hair is cut he looks so much older and I hate it!! I, personally, love his big poofy curly hair, but oh well. It always grows back :D