Part 2 of catching up on my photoblog! ...Checking in...

On its way to its final resting place, The Endeavour rolled through the streets of Los Angeles! It was so amazing to see this big beast sitting right next to the mall. Just A-W-E-S-O-M-E! We took my niece and her best friend. Something we'll never forget!

I finally decided to dust off my old Lensbaby. I have the original model (aka CHEAPEST!) and haven't even used it since I about a month after I bought it! I definitely need to work on it more, but I've always loved Lensbabies... just not my own! I might consider a Composer :)

Ahh... The Blabla Kids came!! The Blabla Kids came! I just loooove these stuffed animals! They're all SOO adorable, you don't even know how long it took me to finally pick out Pierre the Rabbit. Love him!!!....way more than Benji does ..

Ben's been loving the fridge lately! And by that I mean he lvoes to go and grab items that he knows, come bring it to us and say its name ("egg!") and bring it back. This is soo cute! But when he does bring the eggs, I make sure to bring it back myself lol!